***Friday 17th May Talk on "What is freemasonry"*** ***Sat 25th of may Keystone Golf day vs Andover golf club*** ***Saturday 6th July Trip/Tour to the Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street***


To be eligible to join the Keystone Club any prospective member must be either:



Members of the Keystone Club will have exclusive access to:


The Keystone Club helps young Masons meet Brethren of a similar age, in typically less formal surroundings.

Our social and Masonic events bring young Masons closer to Hampshire Freemasonry and showcase the sheer diversity of other Lodges.

Ultimately however, we aim to have fun.


Membership of the Keystone Club is currently set at £25 per annum, payable by cheque in March each year. The cheque should be made payable to ‘Keystone Club’. On receipt of your initial payment your exclusive members only lapel pin will be sent to you.

Where dinner is served the cost will be £5 per head, and will consist of a main course.